Appreciate any help someone can lend me, I'm looking to sell two of my guitars but really have no clue what they're worth. I'll include pictures of both and any information I have for you to help judge without actually being able to see/play them. Thanks again, hoping to put the money towards some new equipment. Thanks for any help, just hit me with the truth please.

Pictures are here: http://s1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/Dubbotar/

First: Schecter Blackjack ATX C-1 FR


I bought this guitar last summer and fell in love with it. Took care of this thing like I was the mother of a teen baby...err. The opposite of that, changed the strings and polished this guy down atleast once a month, more often 1 1/2 to 2. All the specs are in the link but there are absolutely no flaws that I can see in this guitar. I've got some videos of the tone I get out of it if anyone is interested.

Second: Yamaha AES620


It's the first guitar I owned it being Yamaha surprised the hell out of me. There's a few scratches here and there as minor flaws along with one of the knobs easily falls off and needs to be tightened. Aside from any visual flaws it plays great and can get great tone of nearly any genre with a little bit of tinkering.
A decent way to get an idea of what you can sell those for is to look on ebay for them and see what other people are selling them for. They look in decent enough shape, you could feasibly get 70-75% of what you initially paid, but I wouldn't count on more than 65%. But that's just my humble opinion.
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