I'm Still in the process pf recording this, I put an earlier version of this up before, and I think its improving. So far i still need to finish the keyboard (just the intro is in right now) and add in bass and redo the vocals. The guitars are nearly finished just some spit and polish will do. So tell me what you think of it so far. The song is called wasted life btw.

Critting as I listen. Keyboards could use some more fullness, maybe a fifth or an octave up, but otherwise a great intro. Vocals are awesome, you clearly take that from Petri, but a more rough edge. Your drum writing is great, I'd love to hear it live. However, the riffs often come off sync. I suggest playing with a metronome until you have everything tight, but it's pretty solid now. Solo is a little bit everywhere, and I love that, but your tone is a little too thick, and that last note, you can fade out into the next bars. That's the way to go out with a bang. Speaking of, you could put another riff before the end of the song. The ending is rather abrupt, unless that's what you're going for, in which case, kudos to you.

If you have guitar pro, I have plenty of threads under the tabs column if you'd like to hear the general idea of the songs before they're recorded.
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