Hi there UG

This is a thread for a friend of mine, due to the current economic climate in the UK, i can't fine a decent used Peavey JSX for less than £700. I play mainly metal/hardcore and like to venture into other genres, and hardcore these days is all about tone and clarity which is what i like about the JSX.
I've played through a JSX and i love everything about it from the clean to the ultra channel. It's just a shame it's signature amplifier so it costs so much
I've already looked at:
- Peavey Triple XXX
- Bugera 333 XL
And vaguely the Carvin V3 (Which im pleasantly surprised about!)

If you lot could give me any other brands or models or give me the pro's and con's of the above and possibly make a 'vote' for me, that would be great!

There's also the Peavey 3120 which is basically like a slightly modified Triple XXX, might be able to find one used.
Yes, the Carvin V3 (or the mini version, and cheaper...but still retains tone...the Carvin V3m) is a very good amp, i would easily recommend it to anyone