Is there a Gretsch-like guitar that sells for around $500-$700? I don't like the Gretsch Electromatics and I can't afford an actual Gretsch jet or anything like that (I'd kill for a white penguin). I live in the US and used is definitely an option. Can you help me out?
It'll have to be an Electromatic at that price. That, or an Ibanez Artcore. Play more Electromatics before you dismiss them; they have some good ones.
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You can get a used (discontinued) Gretsch Historic Series model for 350 - 500 if you look around. I have one and love it. There are different models with different pick-up types, so look for the one you're most keen on. Some, like mine, come Bigsby-less while others are equipped. Wonderful playing guitars in my experience - mine serves as my #1.
the electromatics are fine. they are close enough in terms of feel to real gretch's that liking one but not the other is a little bit odd...

however, Ibanez artcores are quite nice. they do need pickup upgrades, but they're cheap enough new that it really shouldnt be an issue.
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why don't you like them? the g5122 and g5120 are right in your range and amazing


if you really have a substancial reason for not liking them, you're probably not gonna like any gretsch copies either.
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