Hey guys,
Me and a couple of friends recently threw together a couple of tracks in my friend's home studio and decided to give creating a band a go. We've literally just set ourselves up on Myspace and Facebook, but the only track we're going to upload for now is the cover we did of Aerials by System of a Down. I was just wondering what you guys thought of our effort, and what we can do to improve. [the drum track is slightly off from the guitars at a couple of points, we'll most likely go back to fix that issue when we get the chance, annoying as hell].


Thanks for your time, muchly appreciated.
Great job guys... I really like it! But I guess I should really go into more detail

Firstly, the mixing and stuff has been done really well. I particularly like how you've got the reversed guitars at the start that lead into that clean guitar riff.
The guitars there sound slightly out of tune though. That might just be me, but I hear something slightly off there... not sure what.
But you've layered everything well, it works well!

Yes, the drums are slightly off from the guitars at times... but overall you've done things pretty well + it's a hard song anyway.

Keep it up! You're a tight band!

Please could you check mine out?
Thanks man, appreciate it we did this cover in C# as opposed to C, so maybe some issue with tuning arose there. All things to bear in mind for next time! thanks again dude.