Hey Guys

Im Using a Prs McCarty stoptail through a line 6 pod XT LIVE into a marshall valvestaff vs30r and everything is great etc love the line6 etc however the only problem im having (mainly i guess to the lack of fiddling)is being able to go from full overdrive to no over drive with a touch of a pedal is there a way to do this? or am i just being a retard and i need to look deeper into the device to see if its possible?. or is this because i need a seperate overdrive pedal .i guess its super easy to get a pedal straight into the amp but then i love the sweet setting im using on the line 6 .also seems silly to use a seperate pedal when i have the line 6 etc .im a total noob so if i have missed any info out let me know.many thnks carl
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