That's sad but true. It was reeeaaaly elastic, what made it uncomfortable. Rest of disadvantages made it unplayable. It was more like wardrobe than instrument. What about yours?
mine was an eleca dgt-1, long story short, you cant make a very good sound without humbuckers
I own one of the cheesiest guitars I've ever seen. Some Korean-made thing, had "Malibu" or something like that on the headstock.
Plywood, of course, but the bridge was plastic and was simply screwed on to the top. The plastic nut and saddle both fell out when I removed the strings. The holes for the tuning machines were drilled to about 3/8", even though the machines had standard 1/4" shafts...
Cheap plastic washers had been slid over the shafts to hide the gaping holes.
Oh, and the position markers were just painted on.

However, I bought it to make into a home-made resonator guitar, and it actually turned out pretty well. Filled in the oversize holes, cut a big hole in the top to install the resonator, installed new strings and a piezo pickup.... Sounds pretty decent.