Yeah I've asked this in the "Only Screaming/Growling Thread", you only get one or two responses there if your lucky and the responses I got didn't satisfy. I'm sorry Ghast, but I've read your whole thread on the raspiness (well I read all your first posts) and listened to your "lesson" things. I'm not having any luck with the raspiness from your exercises and after listening to your lessons I really don't think what you are doing for raspiness is what I am looking for at all...

What I have been trying to figure out pretty much ever since I got into music is how to do this kind of scream: Foo Fighters - Bridge Burning

I have been doing everything I can and I seem to have made a good scream that is really not my style (it's more like Underoath)... hahaha so that sucks. I want this scream that Dave Grohl and Tim (of Rise Against) have. Anyone please help! Heck make a guess! I'll try whatever
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im with you on this.
i wish i could help, but i have been struggling with this too.
Im looking for daves screaming , shouting sound too
Like the band Brand New base alot of their music around this type of screams.

theres just so much emotion i find in there screams.

hopefully youll find out and share the secret with me
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