I got my guitar back from my local music store this afternoon. The neck was curved back so the guy there did a full setup for me. He even adjusted the action and made it nice and low for me. It plays awesome, but now that tuned it to Dropped C the strings rattle against the frets whenever I fret a string. It's very irritating. I don't know if my string gauge has anything to do with it. Before the setup I use Ernie Ball Beefy .11s and now I have a pair of Ernie Ball .10s (Regular). I changed the gauge because bending is way easier and I press down on my strings pretty hard (got that from playing on a steel-string acoustic) and it's easier on my fingers. Any advice? Oh, and I switch between Dropped C/D and E Standard/Flat, and I don't want to ruin the action for those tunings when I go back to using them. I rarely change the action so I have no idea what to do about his.
Try a heavier gauge string if that doesnt work you can invest in a floyd rose. But in reality with tunings below d u should have the guitar set differently. It could also be the truss rod. I roll with skinny to heavy bottoms and I dont get that problem but every guitar is different.
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You should have asked him to set it up for drop C if you're going to be switching, it's better for one tuning to be great and another to be good (although it with high action) rather than one tuning to be good and the other to be almost unusable