So a half hour ago, REAPER was working fine. Then randomly, the noise gate stopped working properly and my sound started clipping, despite the fact that it was about -3 dB. Then REAPER began using 100% of my CPU. It doesn't matter how many programs are up at all, it will always be 100%.

Here's the weird thing though. The file I'm using works completely fine up until about the 1:50 mark, after that it will jump to 100% if it wasn't already there, begin stuttering and lagging hard. It doesn't matter what driver's it using or anything, if you play or record past the 1:50 mark it lags. I've just tried doing a different project at the same mark; it uses less than 20% CPU. It's quite maddening, because it's the one project I want to finish.

EDIT: I have restarted the computer, just to get that out of the way.
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Have you checked you haven't somehow had automation in write mode and moved the faders while playing the track back, and then it's going mental for that reason?
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Mind explaining that?

EDIT: OK, I kind of got what you're saying. It's in Trim/Read.

I found out what it was. As the song progressed, the FX in my tracks took up more and more RAM until it was pushing it so far up as 120%. I tweaked it a bit, and right now it works fine.
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