Hey guys, it's me again, I got another new song recorded and just wanted to know what you guys thought.


One thing I'll point out now out though is, when the guitar solo comes, please don't expect much :P I have no actual skill when it comes to solos and I just kinda improv'd something very easy haha.

Hydrogen Drum Machine was used for programming the drums, and guitar and vocals we're a direct line in to the computer. C4C of course
its not terrible, but it needs some work.
The guitar in the beginning is cool, probably my favorite part. When the drums kick in, the timing is off. But its pretty original sounding to me, besides the occational tremelo. Overall, i would give this a 3/5 with a little improvement it could be better. The vocals sound odd, what effects do u have on the vocals? because it sounds like hes screaming threw something. Anyways, nice work. C4C?

Thank you, it is still a work in progress so I will take into consideration all feedback. And the only effects I have on the vocals is some reverb, well, not a little, I think I overdid the reverb haha. And certainly, I'll take a look at yours as soon as I get a chance tonight!
I agree with slayer127 the timing's off at the beginning. If you lower the vocals some that would also help. But I would advise completely re-doing the vocals. Good lyrics though, just try getting it to sound better and depend less on effects. With some work this could turn out really well

this is awsomo , for sure , i like it alot , i wish we could colaborate on some death metal
I don't know if you'll take this as an insult or a compliment: this is one of the few death metal songs that has made me smile (I did not reel in horror). Yep, the lead guitar needs work. For me this song had an 80's new wave/alternative vibe (for a death metal song), that I actually liked (I don't normally listen to death metal). Vocals were a bit Cookie Monster-ish, but I like that better than full-on evil screaming. Please review my music at this link:

As has been said, it's a little out of time. The drums over the "clean" part are kind of annoying but the rest is good.
The riffs are good if a little messy but in terms of song writing you have a decent melodic death metal song here.

The vocals seemed a little soft, like a whisper scream.

Other than that and what others have said it's a decent song that, with a bit more polish and a better solo when you are more comfortable with that stuff, could be pretty damned good.

Edit: I wrote 2 new songs which are on my profile if you could give them a gander.