ive recently taken up guitafr and i had a imitation strat for a while but it had a pretty old and stressed neck that would hover around a high action and the pickups i think where a little dodgy. so i sold it and decided to get another guitar. i decide on a electric acoustic, mostly because it didnt require an amp and it was quiter and if down the track i wanted to put it through an amp or put some effects like wah or chrous on it i could. the guitar i got was a steal but it is a steel string and it has kind of a high action again and its pretty hard to learn chords especially barre chords without them having some sort of unwanted muting or buzzing of strings, plus the tips of my right hand have gone froma hard plasticness to a hard plasticness with rough almost gravel like skin that when you play a chord it creates a groove that kinda locks the finger to the strings or when you change some of the skin ctaches on the string creating unwanted sounds. my question is not if i can play guitar (although i have quite big hands and thick fingers that make playing an Amajor chord very difficult) but did i err in the purchase of this guitar, should have i gone for a super low action electric or is this merely a 1 inch speedbump that i can clear through
it's possible you just got a crap guitar, but even most bad guitars can have the action lowered to make them more comfortable to play. you can take it to a luthier to get it set up or maybe do it yourself - here's more info:



also if you have really big fingers, you probably should be playing a guitar with a wider neck - 1 3/4" at the nut or a bit wider. however a lot of guitars have narrow necks, with a 1 11/16" or slightly narrower nut, and chances are that's what you have.
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and another thing, i was playing a g major chord the other night and i took my ring finger off and i swear the skin was so hard and plasticy and the grooove was so deep i could virtually sit my pick in it without it falling out
like its really messing up my playing and my fingers is there a way to combat this if any
dont keep your fingers pressed down for too long, practice pushing then releasing, and use light pressure
Sounds like you're putting WAY too much effort into playing.

You can file down excess callous with an emery board, you don't want hard, thick callouses for guitar, you want smooth, soft ones and using emery board can help you get that.

How do you know when enough pressure is enough and how do you control it?

Learn to buzz your notes on purpose.

It teaches you to only use the amount of pressure required and soon enough, you'll feel much more relaxed when you play and when you move onto a better guitar, it'll be even more satisfying because playing will feel even more comfortable/relaxed compared to a person who never learned how to control their fingering pressure.

You can play through high action and still sound good/hit all the notes, it just takes a little more effort to play well, I would probably get a new guitar if I were you, just so playing is more comfortable, you don't sound like you're enjoying yourself at the moment.