what do you think about this guitar? Would you recommend it for a experienced player? Good and bad sides?
Almost the same as mine. Edge III Trem, triple pickup, etc....except mine has the reversed headstock. I like mine a lot, but if I could afford a better practice guitar, I'd go for a higher model. If $400.00 is your price range, I think you'll be happy with it.
I have it (look at my username ). Though its my only guitar and i havent had much experience with others, i read a lot about guitars and gear in general and know the pros and cons of most gear related stuff. The RG350EX is not too bad and is pretty much perfect for its price range. The Edge III tremolo really isnt as bad as ppl make it out to be, i guess it just has to be setup real nice, mine works like a charm and hardly goes out of tune. Neck is great too, but pickups could definitely use some improvement, they really dont show what ibanez guitars are capable of. Thats pretty much the only bad thing i can point out (at that price range, thats not too bad). I guess if you swapped out the pickups, this guitar would play very nicely.