Been lookin for one for awhile. Preferably not carpeted. an '87 model would be great, but im lookin for anything right now. Mainly looking for the head, but i'll take a matching cab if ya got it. Lookin for somethin between 300-800.
hey, i have one i'm trying to move for about 600 it has original everything, even the many pin channel switch. i don't remember the number of pins because it's been the shop i'm trying to sell it at for awhile. maybe we can make a deal?
600? deff. we'll have to wait til monday so i can talk to the shipping guy, he's out for the weekend.
also, its a given that this amp is good for metal. but do you think it can pull off more mellow, southern rock sorta shit?
word, will do. and eh if you eq it real hard, but i know if you have the right dirt pedals it can do it. i got a great tone with the danelectro cool cat overdrive. it can deff do chill tones also, but obviously it's missing the tube warmth. it's deff more natural than a lot of solid states i've played