Alright so I've come to the realization that I probably won't be playing my schecter damien fr that often anymore since I am so satisfied with my LTD EC-1000, so I was thinking about trading it or selling it to get a PRS SE Custom 24 or The PRS SE Mikael Akerfeldt Signature. I normally would stay away from getting a signature model, but the specs seemed the same and I absolutely love ebony fretboards so its a huge plus for me.

Are these 2 guitars basically the same thing and worth the money? Also I was wondering if this would be a good trade since I don't really want another strictly metal guitar.

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PRS SE guitars work very smoothly, i would replace the tuners in all of them. I think the opeth one look awsome
I would personally go the Custom 24. The Akerfeldt guitar plays sweet, my cousin has one, but you should never buy a guitar with such a massive obvious logo on it I think, particularly if you want to play live. A friend of mine plays in his band with a schecter Synyster gates custom, and it just looks silly I think when they are playing original songs with a guitar with A7X written all over it. But yeah go the custom 24. They are sick guitars
If you don't mind the Åkerfeldt having the O on it, then I'd say to go for it. As with any PRS and PRS SE's, it's supposedly a pretty bangin' guitar, and I heard that it's pretty versatile sound-wise - good for the really heavy shit as well as anything else. The ebony 'board will be nice, as it's damn smooth, and will somewhat give the guitar a bit more of bite in the high end of the sonic spectrum, which I think is important in LP-style guitars, that sound pretty dark.

Of course, the SE Custom 24 is just as banging and very versatile as well. So, I guess the best thing is just to go with your gut feeling - whichever caught your eye first, whichever appeals more to you for whatever reason. Both are really good guitars, so trading a Damien FR for either one is a good deal.

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The Custom 24 has the wide thin neck profile while the Akerfeldt signature's neck is wide fat. That, the fretboard, and the body shape seem to be the only differences. If you prefer the feel of the Akerfeldt model, I'd say go for it. A graphic on the body is way less important than how it feels in your hands. Either one is a great and versatile guitar for the price.
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I've got the PRS SE Mikael Akerfeldt guitar, and it is a dream to play! I admit though, the neck is not very fast. It's got lots of feel, when playing some ballad type solos (Like the solos on Windowpane or Burden by Opeth) but it doesn't provide super fast movement (at least to me) compared to an Ibanez Wizard neck for example.

The reason I didn't go for the SE Custom 24 was because I found the three colors on offer dreadful.. besides, they was no contour on the bodies unlike the Akerfeldt SE.

I love Opeth and I think the logo looks smashing!

try them both out.. you'll probably making up your mind after playing both them beauties..

(Have you considered the PRS SE Paul Allender signature?)
I just took a look at the PRS SE Paul Allender guitar, and while nice, I see PRS is putting active pickups in them now, and I'd rather have passive pickups out of the box for this new guitar. Before I go and try then out I was wondering how fat the neck is on the Akerfeldt model. Does it compare more like a Schecter or an LTD?

LTD EC-1000 (Vintage Black)
Schecter Damien-FR
Crate Flexwave 120W

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