So I've been looking to get empty 4x12 cabinet as the cab I have now has seen better days.

I want to keep the speakers themselves which is why I want an empty cab.

I've been looking for awhile but I couldn't really find anything. Anybody have any leads on any empty cabs?
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AVatar ships empty cabinets AFAIK
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If you have a table saw you could build one pretty cheap. Would probably be nicer than most of the ones you could buy too.

You could also search your local CL for a used cab in good shape and yank the speakers out of it.

If none of those pan out you could check with avatar, or any loacal cabinet makers (there's a guy on my local CL that always has cabs for sale)
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Yea I've been scouring my craigslist forever now and I haven't found anything.

I guess I'll just have to keep looking. Thanks for the other places though.
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Yes I do like metal, no I'm not a close minded idiot.
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