Hey guys,

On one of my travels to europe I used a US to EU changer on the pedal's adapter and after it worked for a minute or less it died on me. I learned afterwards that the device's adapter had to be in a certain voltage to use US - EU changers on it... Now I would like to repair my precious ehx 2880 super multi track looper. I took the whole thing apart but I don't know what to look for and IF it can be fixed after a burn like that...

If any of you had experienced this and was able to repair it by changing a part or two could you give me a few ideas on what to look for, or even let me know if its possible to save a burnt pedal like that please?

Also, what does really happen when an electronic device is burnt like that? Does the chip get damaged or a couple resistors get fried or something? or the whole things dead? If there is any chance of repairing it I'm willing to take it.. It's been sitting dead for quite some time..
im not to sure about this but
check the fuse if it has one because that should blow and save the circuit
resistor might have blew stopping the current from continuing through the circuit stopping anymore damage
and if it has an ic and youve checked the resistors to see if they are still working that is most likely blown

i cant find any pics or schematics on the net for it so if you could post some pics id be glad to offer advice and try to help out, quick question ho much do ya know about electronics?
First of all thanks for your response!

I'm new to electronics but I know how to solder and read volts and such. What I don't know is how to know if the fuse is blown. Do I power the board and check if I can read current at the sides of every part to see if any power is reaching to that part?

The circuit board consists of two boards actually, upper has the knobs and lights and other controls, where the bottom has the inputs (usb, sound inputs/outputs, usb, memory slot etc) and i think the main chip is on the bottom part as well. I don't think it has any fuses on it...

First picture is the bottom board, second is the bottom boards' left part focused, third is its right part focused; then the top board and finally two boards together to show how they are bound together.

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one thing you could do is plug it in and use it for a bit even if it doesnt work then unplug it most inportant, then being carful around the capacitors so you dont get zapped just feel around the components for any heat if some heat up like crazy that component is blown most likely.
i used that method once before saved me alot of time, to bad the owner of the board didnt agree with me a spendt loads of money thinking i was wrong, but i proved him wrong.
ill have a think about it thou see what i can come up with if the whole heat thing doesnt work