Hey guys,

I was wondering, what would be an ideal pair of headphones to use when playing through a Pod HD500?

I am willing to spend up to 200 Euros on headphones.

For prices, check on http://www.thomann.de/it/index.html

Thanks for the help

Forza Juve

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I don't know... When I moved into a duplex, I got a pair of Sennheiser HD280s to use with my POD X3, and I didn't really find them to be any better than cheap headphones. They were great for everything else, but for playing guitar through, they were still just headphones.

To be fair, 200 Euros is more than I spent on them, so maybe by being willing to spend more, you could get a better result, but I'd definitely advise trying out whatever you want to get in person to make sure it's what you want, especially when you're looking at spending this much on something this specialised.