Hi guys I have recently asked this question however since then I have been to dawsons and tried out a number of guitars including the epiphones sg and les Paul, strats and teles and non of them was for me. I will mostly be playing metal bullet for my valentine, metallica sort of stuff however I want something that will be good for other genres too. I am willing to pay up to 400 can anyone help me out? Cheers
what did you not like about them? The sound? the feel?
Maybe try some more "metal" guitars like Ibanez's or Jacksons which have lower profile necks
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The les Paul sounded great however I just did not like the feel same with the SG.
Try out LTD guitars. Theyr are affordable and should suit your style. They play and sound amazing too :P
I'd go for a Jackson with high output passive humbuckers. A lot of people will more than like suggest getting actives and I highly encourage you to try them out, but you shouldn't buy without testing some good passives too. It's not necessarily that I hate EMG's, I'm just not a fan of their sound(too digital for my taste). If you're looking to get a Floyd Rose, be very careful about which one you buy.

Ibanez isn't a half bad choice either, but I think the quality of the Jacksons in your price range is a little better.
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i would suggest looking at either a ESP LTD EC-256 (its an LP body shape, but it is not an LP copy; very different guitar) or a Schecter Omen Extreme 6. both are in your price range and both are made for metal/heavier styles but can still achieve respectable results as all-purpose instruments
Thanks guys i shall check them out i guess you dont know till you play them just needed more ideas :] Thanks all
How about a Fender Strat?? They have wide frets to allow easy playability and are easy to play and quite versatile.

Quote by doive

Maybe try some more "metal" guitars like Ibanez's or Jacksons

I think Doive is talking about the ART series by Ibanez. I have the ART300(got it used) and it is really worth the price. Not too good on a clean setting but with distortion, the pickups set themselves apart from any $1000 guitar.