I have a new Yamaha CPX900 loved to bits..played to death...

Decided to put some new strings on got 14 quid Elixir Custom light /11

But sounds ruddy awful...ive lost that lovely tone i had!!! so old ones going back on...Does anyone know what string YAMAHA put on the new geets please!!

thanks y'all very much

debzxx ( TheKoostix )
I can't remember the exact name, but its Yamaha strings. Yamaha phosphor bronze medium's, rust proof. That's all I know.
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I doubt that Yamaha makes their own strings. The fact is, there are only a few companies who make strings. Most of them get rebranded for PRS, Yamaha, Takamine and others. Try some D'Addario acoustic strings. Chances are, that's who made the ones used by Yamaha.
Right i get what you mean...I have heared D'Addarios are good..maybe ill try them... ive looked online can get Yamaha string but then its the what size int it...Im having a blonde moment lmao x
wait a few days. even coated strings need a break in period, and most strings sound bloody awful at first. wish i could help, but i haven't found a coated string i like.

btw, yamaha does make their own strings. personally i hate 'em, and i'm not sure they sell them.
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