There may be a certain thread I can post this in, but whatever.

Okay, so for a school project I have to use Microsoft Publisher to make a newsletter.
Problem: I do not have Publisher, nor does my partner.
So is there some free version of Publisher I can get? I'd rather not pay for a program I'll use once, and I'd rather not torrent it.
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Doesn't your school provide access to it???

Yes, I worked on most of it during the week, however it is now the weekend, and to my knowledge, I can't get into the computer lab on the weekend.

^Hopefully it'll have what I need.
I don't know if I'm allowed to tell to you acquire in an alternative manner, but you should try and google for something like "publisher compatible desktop publishing" and look for any free programs.
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OpenOffice or LibreOffice might offer their own publisher. I'm not exactly sure though.
OpenOffice Draw should have most of the features that Publisher has.


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