hey im new here. but anyways i just started playing guitar like a week or two ago. my favorite band is lynyrd skynyrd. id like to get some advice on playing skynyrd songs. and im wandering what is the best and easiest one (skynyrd song) to learn for a beginner? thanks.
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ok. also, does anyone have amp settings for skynyrd? im trying to make some songs with my friend as well as learn them in the style of skynyrd.
Yes. Just practice it alot untill you can play it to speed. I was just recently learning to play Simple Man and I had the hardest time at first but after about a half hour, I started getting it down.
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Skynyrd stuff isn't the most complicated music in the world, but it's not stone-cold beginner stuff either, there's usualyl a fari bit of fiddly picking going on. For something of a similar nature some CCR stuff is probably a realistic aim but even that's going to need a bit of work. Don't worry too much about songs this early on, focus more about geting to grips with the basics...holding the guitar, fretting chords cleanly, picking as accurately as possible, playing in time etc. You've got a long road ahead of you, it's not all going to happen overnight, you just need to be patient..
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