This pedal works now after I fixed it but the led doesn't light up. One end is connected to the footswitch via a resistor. Where should the other end go? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
My guess would be ground. The resistor side probably goes to power. Try grounding it and see if it works.
The other end goes to ground. This is probably the other end of the battery or power or grounded to the case.
The polarity of the LED matters aswell, so it will only work one way around.

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What;s the FS connected to - it'll either need to go to the 0V or +9V rail probably, depending which is has no connection to.

You can't tell from the order of the resistor/LED it shouldn't make a difference which you put first but the LED will only work one way round.
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Ok I've grounded it and now when I turn it on the led flickers once and then stays off. When I turn the pedal off there is no sign from the led
Do you have a schematic of this? Really hard to tell from the pictures what's going on.