Hey so I've been looking at buying a new Strat and I wanted to know what the difference is between the Fender FSR Standard Strat and a regular Standard Strat. I mean, aside from the different woods being used, what makes it different from a regular strat tone wise?
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It's hard to describe, best go to a music store and try both.

You could also try looking on youtube for vids like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUSmyf8Wbyk

But I cannot emphasise the importance of try before you buy enough!
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FSR stands for "Factory Special Run". And Fender dealer can order a FSR Guitar or Bass to their liking. What that means for you is that depending on where you buy a FSR Strat from it could have wildly different specs from another dealers FSR, or from the same dealers previous FSR.

No one can really help you until you tell us from what dealer you're finding your FSR Strat.
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FSR stands for "Factory Special Run".

Actually It's Fender special run.

Now that I'm done being pedantic.


The only way to find info on the FSR you are interested in is to actually contact the dealer. I'm guessing either guitar center or musicians friend.
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