Hello, I was wondering if Kustom amps are any good. I hear alot of people say the tone is good and they usually are pretty road worthy, but are they pretty good quality?

I was thinking about buying a Kustom '36 Coupe(http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Kustom-36-Coupe-Guitar-Combo-Amp?sku=480794#used) because i hear videos of it on youtube and from waht i can tell it sounds pretty good.

I play basically any genre under the sun: Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock, Metal, Hard Rock, Country etc.

My Favorite performers are Carlos Santana, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ray Charles, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Boston, The Temptations, Elvis Presley, Journey, Bad Company, Ted Nuggent, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai etc. etc. etc.

so essentially the questions im asking are:
1. If i bought it, would i more than likely have to change speakers out on it. If so, what kind.
2. Would this thing be loud enough for a band practice, but quiet enough for Bedroom practice
3. Will it break down on me in a few months lol.
4. If i shouldnt buy this amp, what amp SHOULD i buy.

PS. im on a budget of approx. 1000$ USD. Not a dollar over it.

Thanks in advance guys, you all rock
For performing I don't like using 1x12's. Maybe I'm crazy idk, but I like to have a 2x12 at least unless it's being mic'd

1.speakers are all preference. My favorites are greenbacks, but whatever sounds good to you is the one to go with.
2. It'll be loud enough, but if you want good amounts of gain at bedroom levels it won't sound very good compared to the master being cranked a bit.
3. I've never heard anything bad about kustom
4. those are pretty broad genres you listed and I can't think of an amp off the top of my head in that range thatd excell at all of that.
Well i dont know about this amp but look into
-carvin v3 used
-mesa mark iv combo used
Peavey 6505 120W Head
Ibanez Rga32 (FOR SALE)
Laney Lv412a Cab(FOR SALE)
Soon To Get::
Boss DD20
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k, and ya, i know those are broad genres...but im looking for an amp that will do each decently...if need be, i'll buy pedals
I liked the one i tried. It was pretty versatile, but whether it does the tones you want is really up to you... I might think it'd do them but you might not, kind of thing.
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Most look like couches.
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LOL, i thought it looked like the back seat of a old car...but i guess it does look like a couch lol
The Tijuana Tuck-N-Roll isn't everyone's idea of beautiful, but traditionally, Kustom made good equipment. As for the new stuff; well, their Groove Bass amp heads are excellent, and their Double Cross guitar amp head is amazing (but it costs about as much as Dual Rectifier, so you really have to want one in order to go for one). As for their smaller combos; I can't say for sure. You'll have to try it out to see if you like it. A lot of Kustom's gear is being made overseas now, so it is hard to say if the lower-end equipment holds up as well as the high-end gear and the old U.S.A.-made amplifiers.
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