Check it out guys!
I wrote everything myself, guitar, bass and drums. It was my first time recording anything and it was very frustrating. I learn't a lot of stuff though!
I got my friend Matt Atchison to record vocals recently and now the final product is on youtube.

anyways, here's the link : http://www.youtube.com/user/R74NOGRADY#grid/user/BAFC9339CD423647
so tell me what you think
its not too bad, its just kinda generic, im not a huge fan of this style anyways. Im more of an oldschool metal fan. But it wasnt bad.
I agree with the others its kinda generic and the screaming could use some work but the guitar work and music itself does sound good.
my first thought before reading it was that yeah, the screamng was quite generic. just because you play heavy music, doesnt mean you need heavy vocals. EVERYONE is doing it nowadays, so why not find a unique CLEAN tone to your voice. maybe even just turn the screams down in the mix would be a good place to start.

i thought the dual guitars were great. loved it. probably needed more of it, in my opinion. the mix sounds good, the music itself sounds good as well. all in all a good song. two thumbs up!

mind giving me a crit also? its in my sig.
this is brilliant for your first song! the guitar parts were really well worked out! well done!

I agree with westley though with regards to the vox, some clean parts to balance it out would have been better as the guys voice got a bit annoying after a while (i do sometimes listen to a bit of screaming btw ;-)

well done!