So I've been playing for over 2 years now on my old classical guitar, but I want a new one, so I went to my local music store with a budget for around 200-300 euros. I saw this Tanglewood TSJ CE VS, which was like 210 euros! To me it sounded pretty good (even better than some guitars that were like 400 euros (most of them Ibanez though!)), so I was thinking what you guys thought of it. If I buy it would I get ripped-off? Or would it be a good deal? I'm not quite sure what the exact difference is between (super)jumbo and dreadnought, since I really enjoy both fingerpicking and well... anything basically!

So if you could spare a minute to inform me about a few basic things wether I should or should not buy this guitar.

We're talking about this guitar: http://www.tanglewoodguitars.co.uk/products/acoustic/evo_exotic/evolution/tsjce/TSJCEVS.html

Thanks in advance!
On the 200 euros side of things I'd say this isn't a bad guitar. I've seen better deals but you could do a lot worse too. This guitar uses laminated top, back, and sides so the guitar it's self isn't that much better than those 100 euro guitars that you find. What this guitar has going for it is the grover tuners and a reasonably good pickup. It should sound pretty good on stage and it should stay in tune and that is something that the 100 euro guitars won't give you. If you have time to wait I'd save another 100 euros and then buy a solid wood used guitar because you can get really nice used guitars for around 400 euros.
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Thanks! I might just buy this one and amuse myself with it 'till I have enough money to buy a better one