I have the opportunity to go to Panama and stay in an island resort (charges $150 a night) for free. I would get free kayaking, boat rides, snorkeling, horses, and transportation.

This is the hotel

So, would it be worth it to pay $500 for a plane ticket to get there from LA?
Also, we would need to buy food.
For $500 you can buy an interrail ticket that lets you travel anywhere in Europe for a month.

Not sure if non-EU people can do that, though. But it's awsome.
PANAMA dun dun dun dun dun


I say go for it, especially since you get to do so much stuff for free. My dad and his GF did something similar at a Golf resort in Mexico.
500$ is really cheap IMO.
I would pay $500 for most holidays.

Anyone fancy going on a holiday? I want some sunshine

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I would pay $500 for most holidays.

Anyone fancy going on a holiday? I want some sunshine

I'm up for that. I just want to get away from the festering sinkhole that is England.

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It's funny because a guy from my town faked his own death kayaking and lived in panama off the insurance claim his wife made.
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depends on how long you will be staying there....

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depends on how long you will be staying there....

I want to stay for 2 weeks, but my girl has a job so 1 week seems more reasonable.
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That's a pretty cheap vacation. Go for it.
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