This song is built in more of a movie-score than metal fashion. The entire track is like one great crescendo. I've been tampering with this song a lot, but I think it's fit for fight now.

Also, while looking for song titles, the concept popped into my head and I thought it fit the song quite well if you imagine various parts of the story during it (watching the video is better in this regard; but only in that regard, it crackles and sputters in parts.)

This song is written for use with RSE (more specifically I use electric bass over regular bass.)

12-8 PM Clean v. Pinch v.2.gp5
Dude this is a really good post-metal feeling piece of music, I'd love to hear it recorded.

The opening works well, leading into the main guitar riff subtly enough (it'd sound better on a real guitar most likely). I'm liking the way the bass acts more as the focal point for the first half before the 'evil' riffery begins (even if on my gp the bass dit. sounds too overwhelming?).

The minimalistic approach works to this song, so I won't make a comment on variation - you build up the parts anyway (with the harmony clashing a wee bit but it's just passing notes so that comment is kinda' irrelevant). Only thing I could see worth changing would be perhaps spicing up the drums a little to make them compliment the music a bit better and perhaps adding ambient synth for the first half?

Don't comment on here that often now, but hearing this song reminded me so much of the band "The Ocean Collective" that I'd love to hear it recorded with vocals! Good work 10/10.
Thank you very much! You found the words I was looking for (minimalistic and post-metal)! I'm thinking about altering the chord progression a little bit in the intro after the bass and clean lead enters because I find the bass and rhythm clean clashes a wee bit on certain occassions.