....and I'm afraid for the time being I'm on a tight budget. I have a friend that has a guitar he doesn't play and he's willing to sell it to me: a Squier Strat. He'd also throw in the Squier SP-10 amp that came with it, a Marshall MG10kk, a hard case, strap, tuner, stand, chords, etc, for $80. Take the deal or save more money (it would be slow saving too I'm afraid.)
That sounds like an alright deal to me, for starting out. A lot of stuff that, if bought separately, would put you well over 80 dollars.
For a first guitar that sounds like a sweet deal. I had to pay over $250 for my first guitar and amp, and it was a Squier strat with a fender frontman 15

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your friend is a good friend. the first thing you'd be replacing would probably be the guitar, but even that would last you a good year or two.
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If your starting out and aren't sure if you'll play or not, I think you should take it since if you stop playing you don't lose much.
I have been playing for over 2 years now and because I'm poor I have been playing on my same guitar ever since.
My brother who started 5 months ago, spent $700 on his gear and rarely touches it. You can get it now and practice on it, until you save up more and then upgrade if you wish to continue.
Take it, bro. I started out RENTING equipment for like $60. Do NOT pass this offer up.
Another thing is that if you do get good, and you want to keep the Squier. You can later mod the hell out of that thing and make it into a good guitar. Most modern Squiers are a pretty good mod platform.
yea squires are amazing, i got an affinity strat and a frontman 10g with all the kit (tuners ect.) for 175, and its damm near perfect for a starter. for that price do it, like felakutihimself said you have very little to loose seeing as they normally go for around 150
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Do it. For 80 bucks, a squier strat and an amp is a great deal, especially if you're just starting out. Take the plunge. Besides, you don't want to spend hundreds when you first start out because it may just not be your thing and you're better off having spent 80 than 280... Good luck man!
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