Gotta pick between the 2. I like the tl2 sound but is a 6 band eq just as important? WHich shoukd i get for classic metal and hard rock?

Or is a 6band just a boost for leads?
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Uh, did you read irnmadn88's post?

Take some time, figure out all the questions you want to ask, and put it all in one thread.
Who convinces every kid on this forum that he needs an EQ?
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

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Depends what you need it for. They're both completely different pedals. What amp do you have? Doesn't the distortion cut it?

How do you EQ? Does the amp offer enough tonal control for you? If you don't need to fiddle with specific frequencies then you may not need an EQ yet.

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Who convinces every kid on this forum that he needs an EQ?

Dunno, but I need one to adjust my mids properly XD 3 bands on the amp doesn't cut it for some prog metal.

Classic metal and hard rock sounds would just need a decent mid/highish gain amp, but a dirt pedal helps if that isn't an option yet.

If you want a lead boost, an OD like the Tube Screamer or copy like the Digitech bad monkey seem popular... some people use an EQ, or there's a pickup booster by Seymour Duncan.