So, I acquired an Big Muff Pi (NYC) in the past couple months, and it is just draining my 9v batteries. I've been looking into getting an adapter for it, which is frustrating due to the nature of the input, but I just can't seem to find the right thing. I've browsed some other forums and FAQs and haven't gotten any straight answers, just run arounds. I'm looking at buying either this (but I don't know what I'd run it through) or this which seems like it'd work. The thing is, I've heard about issues with polarity and current and potential damage to the pedal, so I'm just really unsure about the whole thing. I would really really appreciate some help with this.
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The EHX adapter will work fine. I use an output from my DC brick to power up the big muff and it also works fine
The problem with the EHX adapter is that the input jack on the pedal is too small. I think it's an eighth, but I'm not sure. The only adapter they sell anymore isn't compatible.
Well if that just don't put the pun back in capital punishment
I had 3 pedals using it to I modded them for boss style jacks.
I just bought the big muff today and the guy found a one spot adapter for it in like 2 seconds, shouldn't be to hard to find. Believe its called the One Spot 3.5 Millimeter converter. Cost like 4 bucks
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