I think I should start practicing sweeping. I SUCK at it, But I think I'd best start now. What do you reccomended I play or do to get going? Any general advise?
Thanks for any help.
3 strings arpeggios , work strings that you are most comfortable on. I practice on the B , G and D string. Work on it slowly and focus on making it sound clean.

Hope I've been helpful !
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I'd start with a broom.
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I'd start with a broom.

As would Mr. Miyagi.
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Practice slowly at first and make sure you kill each note before hitting the next. It's gonna take a really long time to get fast.
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I'd start with a broom.

this man right here.
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I started out with C-major shaped 5string sweeps. I guess it might be a bit unorthodox to start with the 5 string thing. I think what made it easer to learn it this way, is that you have to a have a significantly bigger movement in your picking-hand. Which makes it easier to analyze, and (in my opinion) easier to learn Good luck!
Heres something I wrote for another fella not too long ago!

Well this isn't from a song but it's a great exercise that you can do!
Just loop over and over again. Each one is a seperate exercise* They aren't connected.




And later on if you're up for a 5 string sweep.


Later later on if you're down for a 6 string sweep.


Pick up a metronome, and practice playing very slowly first to work on syncronization
good luck!

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