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A guitar GOD!
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A serial killer
23 32%
Neither, you're being silly
32 44%
..why not both? :P
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Voters: 72.
My idea of practise involves shutting myself away in a room with my guitar, a metronome and a ton of Rusty Cooley-esque exercise books for hours on end, but due to uni I've barely had the chance for months .

So I'm about to have 5 months of freedom before the 2nd year of uni, and I'm actually not looking foreward to it! All year I've been thinking, "man, I am gonna get sooo much done on guitar this summer!" but now that it's almost here I wonder- is spending 5 months almost entirely indoors doing little else but practise guitar and exercising such a good idea? Is such an amount of time spent concentrating on so few subjects possibly bad for one's mental health and wellbeing?

It's not as though I don't go out with friends and such- I may not do it regularly, but I do it enough for my own liking over the past year or so it's as though I've found this intense desire for becoming the best I can, and other things like that don't seem to matter much to me.

tl;dr - is spending 5 months doing little but practise guitar more likely to turn me into a serial killer or another guitar god/wannabe?
Spend the days indoors practicing guitar/bring it out to the pool with you without looking like a complete guitar douche, and go out at night with your friends. Better yet, get good enough so that you can put on shows for your friends. That way you get good practice without sacrificing sociability.
I didnt see wannabe guitar god as a choice, or wannabe serial killer for that matter
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That much of that sort of practice will make you a boring player. Find someone to jam with instead.
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socializing is a waste of time, and overrated. stay home and live the dream, don't do things just to be accepted.

i believe two of the greatest guitarists; slash and buckethead; spent most of their childhood doing what you describe. slash used to practice 12 hours a day.
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Valuable pointers given to me:

1. Set a goal. If you go into the summer "wanting to get so much done" but without an actual finish line, then I guarantee you'll be disappointed.

2. There is such thing as over-practicing. 4-5 hours a day is PLENTY, any more risks injury. (And I mean this of serious, hard-working, chops-building practice, not just noodling away and jamming)

3. Breaks are very important too. Make sure you take time to not only stretch, but just let your arms relax and not do anything. Be sure to take one day off every week or so.

4. A focused hour-long session is better than a 3 hour casual playing time.

5. Have fun man.
I was just like you a couple years ago. Now I'm an succesful session muscian, just got engaged. And have a very social life in general. Don't worry man
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Over summer I will be doing a similar plan. But playing guitar (amongst other instruments) instead of practising. Playing on your own with a metronome isn't needed that much, what's more important is learning, expressing creativity and musical interaction with others.
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Thanks for the replies. I get to jam and play with others plenty in uni, even if it's not always to my taste. I not long ago took part in another musical they had on, just for the fun of it

When I said I like the shreddy excercises with a metronome, I was using that as an example of how deeply I focus on guitar. I do pretty much everything else for good measure, too such as spending time learning new snippets of theory, an hour purely on bends and vibrato and practising notation- I find that especially interesting I'll usually finish up a session (when I get chance) by writing something new, so I'm always exploring new ideas of creativity and expression.

Anyhoo, it's been suggested that doing all that is like cutting myself off from the world and that I shouldn't do it.. hence the thread!