i like playing this chinese drama theme (i dont actually watch that stuff, its something along the lines of "beautiful rain fall" or some bullshit) with tapping
There's always the manualist who plays songs by making noises with his hands.
fear is the mindkiller

I love 8-bit covers. This chocolate rain one is one of my favourites


The best Rick Roll ever


My mate did some kick ass covers of Message in a bottle and Take on me but I can't find them
The one with the royal sceptre and gown

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i like drag

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The 8 bit ones are awesome!!!

Has anyone else noticed how there are loads of covers of super mario, zelda and stuff like that??
Down they come
The swarm of locusts
Skies above
Converge to choke us
Feast of souls
Consume the harvest
Young and old
Suffer unto the locust