Around September of last year I was doing some simple recording with some friends so I put some black beauties out of a clearance bin on my bass and set it up. Well about that time I starting having what I thought was a grounding problem because I had hissing sounds from hell. Checked the ground wire shielding and all of the soldering to see what was going on and never figured it out till today.

I switched back to non-coated strings and the hissing problem that I still had this morning is completely gone now. I guess the coating stopped the ground from being complete somehow. Has anyone else had this problem or can explain to me why this happened?

I'm really happy to have my treble knob back anyways.
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really, huh? i've been using the dr coated strings on both of my guitars and never had any hissing or other weirdness.
Well my guitar is fine and I have coated d'addario's on it. My friend has black beauties on his guitar and it's fine too but for some reason my bass hate's them.
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I really doubt that the strings are your problem

that would make no sense
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I've no problems with my F-414 and its Warwick EMP's.
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Yeah, I doubt it was the strings. I've used Elixiers, Black Beauties and Warwick EMPs, and have never had any problem like what you've described.
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All I know is what happened. With black beuties hiss. Without none. All I can think ofis that the bridge of my bass doesn't ground well so the added ground fron the strings and tuners cut out the hiss. And the coat from the black beauties was maybe preventing this before. This only started the first time I plugged my bass in with coated strings in the first place.

Edit: did a little look around on google and found some talkbass and warwick threads on it and it does happen in certain situations. Something about certain coated strings wont ground to some bridges. And the radio signals the strings pick up cause the feedback.
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Maybe your pickups are just so terrible that the coating is interfering with them picking up sound.

But seriously I doubt it's your strings, coincidence?
OP, it's probably just a coincidence.

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Alright well I'm not using anymore them anyways. I had hiss from 7 months ago when I changed to coated strings and had hiss this morning before I went back to uncoated then it stops completly. I look it up online and see it being mentioned as a probable cause and that switching had fixed other peoples problems. I just wanted to know why this works for me.
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I hope this is somewhat relevant to the topic. But why does the guitar need to be grounded? And what parts in it are grounded to what? Ive never really looked into it. Also, some days my normal electric guitar may have some grounding issues, and others, its fine. But its rare that i do have issues with it.
It's probably not why my bass is hissing, but i think i might try switching to be sure