So guys ive never really been the kinda person for racks ive always stuck to just a guitar amp and a few pedals. ive been looking starting a basic rig with a Tc gmajor in the only thing is i have no idea what else i need to buy or how to set it all up. If any of you guys could list anything i need to get this rig working it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Get a poweramp and a cab and you have the most basic rack setup haha
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It's not possible to answer this question without knowing more about what you play. My rack has a power amp, acoustic preamp, reverb, delay, compressor, 2 12 channel mixing desks, a limiter and some equipment that makes it so I can hook up to my laptop for using digital FX or recording the gig. My rack is set up for a whole band to sweeten the final mix and it does most of what we need it to. I could still use a noise gate to filter out a bit of background hum but it's got most of what the group needs.

If I was guitarist looking for a rack to replace my pedals then my rack wouldn't work, for us, at all.
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if you just want the g major for effects, and you're sticking with a traditional amp head + cab, then you throw the GM in the loop, and get a midi pedal to control it. I use the Behringer FCB1010 with my GM2. It's pretty solid (except the expression pedals), and if you toss in a $10-15 EPROM upgrade, it opens up a whole world of options for stompbox mode effect switching, and more banks, etc. Plus it has relay switches for changing your amp channels remotely (if your amp supports it).

Now if you're talking about a COMPLETE rack rig, then you'll need a preamp and power amp at the very least.

Here's what I have in my rack at the moment....

1) Power conditioner - 1 rack unit (u)
2) PA - 5u
3) G Major 2 - 1u
4) Rack tuner - 1u
5) Optical Compressor - 1u
6) 3 empty slots where I currently keep my OD, and storage space for cables, etc when we take the rig out. I'm considering buying a sliding drawer to mount on the bottom slot and velcro'ing my TS9 to the drawer. It's always on, so there's really no need for it to be at my feet.
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