Thinking about buying this amp for gigging in a loud rock band.

Line 6 Lowdown LD 300 Pro

Playing in pubs and small/medium venues. Anyone know if this will cut it? I want comething loud that's gonna cut through the guitars.

First of all, you don't need volume to cut through the guitars, most of the time. What you need, is some EQ'ing.

Secondly, Line 6 amps are hit or miss, the Spider line for guitars is frowned upon by practically everybody here, but whether their bass amps are good or not, i don't know.

Thirdly, what's your budget ?
Budget is up to £300-£400. That's why i liked this because it's £200 second hand. But then also in know like you said that the guitar amps supposedly suck. I was interested in this because it's going so cheap.

I have one of these, and I've used that amp live many times, and during practice.

To be honest, it's okay. It's not amazing, but it's okay. It's good for letting you get an idea of exactly what kind of amp you want to upgrade it to. (i.e, an Eden, an Ampeg, whatever).

Effects aren't particularly useful, I haven't found a use for the synth yet either.

I would recommend you try it first though.
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I had one it wasn't good nor bad just average for gigging but as said the post above me try before buying.
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I borrow one of these for practice with a band (I'm yet to buy a bass amp...) and it cuts through (not entirely sure which model I use, I think it's the 300), but it can sound a bit muddy if you don't know how to EQ bass properly (i.e me! ).

Though it seems fairly versatile, I always set it as clean as it can possibly be, but it seems to hit every sound between clean and distorted alright.

Though for £300-£400 you could easily find something better used!
My bassist (in the band where I'm the guitarist) managed to find an Ashdown Evo-II or something like that (300 watts, sounds pretty good, has no effects or amp modelling, but hits a nice array of tones and sounds good) for about £150.

I've been looking around ebay for when I get the cash for a bass amp and there seems to be plenty of things like Trace Elliot 300-500 watt heads going for about £150-£200 with cabs going dirt cheap.

So you'll be able to find better deals out there, just keep looking, though if you're not 100% sure what you're after in a bass amp, this modeller might help you refine that choice.