Ok someone is selling a pair of 81/85 taken out of a guitar and lost everything but the pick ups (and the wires that're attached to it) which means there are no battery compartment or anything.

Now he said that the black and white wires are wrapped together and the red is separated. as seen in the manual below... My question is

-can I attempt to test its output through connecting it with a computer speaker's jack?
-where can I buy the parts necessary for it to function in a guitar again?

manual is below http://www.emgpickups.com/content/wiringdiagrams/H_0230-0106D.pdf
I want to know why you think it is a problem at all... there is no difference. just wire them the way you would a regular set of EMGs. i dont get why you think they wont work. You just need the normal parts as for any other set of pickups... switch, pots, stereo jack.
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Thanks! So i went with it and tried it out into an amp while putting signal into the pickups from my ipod earbuds lol

I had to attach 2 wire strips i found and split the black and white that was stuck together and stick them onto the ground end and the tip of the jack; red has to go onto a 9V battery of course.

Yay for $60 EMG 81 85 set!