Hmm, this forum seems a bit dead. How about a new thread. No rhyme intended.

So yeah, Hooky. Don't often hear them come up in post-Latterman band conversations, which is a shame 'cause they were pretty good. Makes sense though, considering how ridiculously short lived they were. They were essentially a louder RVIVR before RVIVR existed. With less Canino singing and more Freas singing.

Download the 6 song demo here - http://www.rumbletowne.com/rtr/rtr-releases/RTR-000
I love the episode of Hey Arnold where Arnold and Gerald play hooky...

except for the fact that nothing they do ends up being enjoyable and they learn the lesson that it's best to just go to school regularly...

Surprise carnival day my ass.

...I'll get back to you on the band <_<
Wait, so what's the difference between them and RVIVR?
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Wait, so what's the difference between them and RVIVR?

Different bassist and drummer. Also the bassist was the lyricist I think.