This isn't a song or anything, more of a short idea I had. I was going for a Boards of Canada type downtempo/ambient style, and I did it all on guitar using my multifx pedal. Let me know what you think and i'll have a listen to whatever music you've been making!

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Thanks a lot man! I will develop it more definately and maybe make it a bit longer, although I don't want it to seem too self indulgent / for it to overstay its welcome.

I'll give your song a listen now.
Are You Shpongled..?
dude!! this is truly great! i got lost for a moment..thanks for sharing this!! if you have a facebook link me up dude..and if you hava time check me out on fb and "like" my page link on my sig.
Thanks alot man. I'm at work now but I'll take a look at your page when I'm home!
Really appreciate the comments
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i really liked it!!! the video was oddly perfect for the song. it seemed all fast paced, but the song was so slow... loved the dichotomy of it. if i used/spelled the right word. haha.
i felt like i was getting lost in the song, but i wouldnt say make it any longer. thats just me. maybe a good intro or outro to an album or maybe just an interlude. great job. honestly. the delay was a nice touch, and i think that may have been one of the better sounding multi fx units ive heard. what did you use?

would you mind critting mine? the link is in my signature, and please comment on my profile or on the music directly. thanks!!!@!
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Thanks alot man. I'm at work now but I'll take a look at your page when I'm home!
Really appreciate the comments

cool bro thanks!
The video really augments the mood of the piece, to be more reflective almost. Maybe it resonates with me because it looks like you're biking around Singapore (a place i lived for 3 years). But i really enjoy the video and the song. I liked the backgrounds you put in that built on to the piece towards the end.

Overall, i would extend it and even add a steady beat to it just to have as a longer ambient piece. Great job man!

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This reminds me of an 80's movie for some reason.. This is something you can put one and drift off into your own world. Very well done, really liked the different tones in it they all blended very well.

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Thanks guys I've managed to get back to everyone now. I've taken note of what a few of you said about drums so I'm going to add something in very soon. They're going to be quite minimalist/sparse and hopefully not take away any of the 'drifty' vibe of the song.
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