Dude what kind of guitar is that, that dave grohl has on the cover of guitar world this month? Its also in the music video for "rope". That thing looks bad ass!! Where can I get one and how much?
I also desire to know this, but alas, I do not have infinite guitar knowledge. But perhaps another UGer will care to aid us in our quest
If creationists made Pokemon:
"What the, Pikachu is...Congratulations, God decided your Pikachu is now a Raichu."

So what...I like Metal...sue me

"music elitists"
per the article in said magazine...

"Check this out," he says. A wide grin stretches the sharp contours of Grohl's well-trimmed beard as he proffers the instrument. "It used to beloing to Philthy (Phil Taylor) from Motorhead. It's the one he used when Motorhead played 'Ace of Spades' on (UK television comedy) The Young Ones!"
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Smear playing wearing gloves in that video? Interesting.

He has done it in past videos.