Hello there all I am trying to find the best guitar tuner for my bass. Right now I am using a really bad tuner it only can do standardized tuning. So I really want a good tuner that can do all types of tuning for a good price I really want to not pay more then maybe $50.00 USD.
Either a chromatic tuner or a tuner with the b (flat) button so you can drop the notes, you need to have some knowledge of the notes and intervals for the second technique.
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What kind of tuner? Do you need a pedal or what?

I'd recommend the Korg Pitchblack, but that's a bit above your budget. I've heard the GFS tuner pedal is decent, but I don't really have any experience with it.
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Maybe try and find a Boss TU-2 or Boss TU-3 used for $50?? I've heard they're pretty good. It's a pedal though, and i'm not sure if that's what you're looking for..

If you want a pedal tuner, but something other than a Boss, look for a used Korg Pitch Black pedal. They're good too.
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I like my TC Electronic Polytune though it's well over your $50 budget.
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I should say I do want a chromatic tuner also I do want it to be a pedal if I join a band It would be a lot easier for me to tune on stage with it.
look for an Ibanez tu-40, true bypass and I use mine for guitar and my 5 string bass. works perfect and only runs @$40 new
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There are different tuner of Guiter which are available on market as well as on ineternet.

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There are different tuner of Guiter which are available on market as well as on ineternet.

... What? That post made no sense.

Oh oh oh oh. You're saying there are different tuners. No shit.

Anyways. GFS tuner.

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