Hey guys

A wile back i was thinking which amp do i need to buy bearing in mind i have a little valvestaff static marshall cost me 90 quid and i felt i needed an upgrade .now the funny thing is a lot and i mean a lot of people said go with a vox ac15 or ac 30 but i gotta say im not dead keen on em is this because they are a modeleled amp or is it because i fell in love with a marshall 800 .i found the marshall had so much heart and the vox was kinda dead to me .why do i prefer the Marshall v the vox because im not sure tbh .what makes the 800 so dam sexual also what do u guys thing about this and the vox if u compare them etc id love to hear what u think
I think the AC30 is an amazing amp with a single coil guitar in front of it and cranked to the tits with a treble booster.

The 800 is probably my fourth favourite Marshall, but is great with humbuckers, Greenbacks and also cranked up.

On my 2204, my personal favourite setting was:

Preamp 6
Master 6.5
Presence 5
Treble 6
Mids 4.5 (seems low but with the master up that high the mids are real saturated through a Les Paul already, plus the mid control on an 800 has crap all for sweep)
Bass 5

Basically noon everything and put the Master up slightly higher.

If it was 100W, I'd probably dime the Master with the same Preamp level since it stays tighter in the low end longer under heavy distortion.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.
The AC15 and AC30's aren't modeling amps they're both tube.
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Quote by diceksox1809
The AC15 and AC30's aren't modeling amps they're both tube.

I think he means the AD15 and AD30. He may be confusing them. Tone is all personal preference who cares why you like one over the other? Get the one you like.
yeah i know very little really im using a prs mccarty stoptail through the 800.im gonna try my strat see how that sounds .i mean guys if i like the sound of that 800 a lot would u say thats the best buy for me or are there better marshalls in your opinion?
It depends what you're playing.

I definitely prefer a cascaded or boosted Plexi over an 800.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.
tbh i should of mentioned i wanted to play in a bed room or round my mates house but for it to be loud enough to play in a small venue hall etc .im pretty new so im sorry if i sound retarded .i guess whats a good marshall tube amp for what i wanna use it for and what should i pay i just want a good upgrade from my valvestaff vs30r .everyone says tubes are better etc so i guess its the way to go .so far i just seem to warm to the marshall sound tho dunno why
what the hell is this thread about?

why would there be a fight?

Marshall and Vox make great amps in their own rights.

This is not an intelligent OP or Thread.

start over with this info:
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Pointless thread is pointless.
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Have ever heard an AC30 cranked up and tweaked just right? Monster sound...add a boost/overdrive/treble boost and it sounds crazy. With that said...a JCM800 is on my top list of favorite crunchy rock tones. If I wasn't such a modern rock head I would be more into the Plexi style crunch...sadly, I can't have ANY of these things right now in this economy...blahhh

I have to agree though...this thread has no real point.
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