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Ok so I got the April Guitar Center newsletter and there is this acoustic, a Martin D50K Limited Edition guitar. Fretboard is really nice, it's line shining with this Tree of Life inlay. So I look at the price and I see 5 big ol digits. It sells for $40,000. The funny thing is that it says Guaranteed Lowest Price.

So which would you buy:
-$40,000 guitar
-$40,000 car
-Epiphone Les Paul Special II
-Line 6 Spider III
-FBV Express MKII Pedal
-Ernie Ball Wah Pedal

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-My Chemical Romance
neither. i've seen that blingy guitar at wla gc, and it definitely isn't my thing. it's all about the inlays. i love guitars for their sound, not their look.

btw, i'd rather buy $20,000 worth of guitar/s and a $20,000 car
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car but if it was 40,000 gear credit i would go with gear

but i really want a lotus exige....40 is only half of it though
40,000 could buy a low mileage evo 9 and still give me enough change to buy a gioson les paul and an awesome amp. So no i wouldnt buy the guitar
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I saw that ad as well and thought the thing was just a tad too glitzy. I particularly didn't like the inlay on the pickguard. Too much.
But then, I always thought the D-45 was too much. I like a simpler look that emphasizes the wood rather than the embellishment.

But 40,000.... Not if I won a lottery.