Hey Pit,
I will be visiting Los Angeles with my girlfriend around the 10th of July. Long story short, I will be staying around two weeks, and I am not willing to pay 150$ / night for 14 nights.

Anyone know any alternative ? Cheaper hotel / motel / youth-thingy ?
Has to be near UCLA. Google isn't being very helpful, it's all ads pretty much.

Thanks in advance
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I'm going with my girlfriend. She's taking English classes in UCLA.

From $30.99/night, Jul 10-24.

It's in Santa Monica, though.

Then the 720 bus from the seafront to Westwood Blvd/Wiltshire Blvd, which is at the edge of UCLA.


$1.50 per ride or $6 per day.

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Just wear either a red or blue bandanna around the South Central area. You probably won't need to worry about a hotel afterwards.

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