Hi, my name is Dan. I grew up playing drums and while I loved it, set is not really accepted as you grow up and move into apartments and get married and so on. Also I'm in the navy and drums are for one hard to store on a ship and two don't do well with the high humidity.
So I've been wanting to learn bass for years now. The cost was keeping me away though.

Right now I am in sasebo japan because my ship got moved here away from possible hazard areas. There are music stores on the town with these awesome looking ibanez basses, but again very expensive.

Every weekend there are Japanese people who come on base and sell their used items, and just yesterday a man came in with a "photogenic by maison" bass. It has a P pickup on top of a J pickup. As random as that occurrence was, another vender had a bunch of acoustic guitars and a bass amp! I bought both for 90 dollars and the bass even came with a case! The strings look new so I'll wait to replace them, but I've spent the day peeling stickers off of it and getting it tuned. I spent another 5000 yen getting a strap, tuner, new strap buttons since it was missing them.

So has anyone ever heard of this brand, and what are some songs that are fairly easy to learn as a new player?

I am very ecclectic in my music tastes, but I really like the bass styles from sublime, 311, dirty heads, cake, save ferris, and limp bizkit
random I know...
Thanks in advance!!

Yes, welcome!

I haven't heard that brand before, but any bass and amp in working condition for $90 is a steal! If you're wondering what songs to learn as a beginner, there's a rather large thread dedicated to all sorts of songs you could learn at different experience levels stickied at the top of the forum, so I advise you check that out.

Also, try learning some songs you like the sound of from the bands you mentioned. Where better to start than with some of your favourite bands?
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never heard of the brand, but if it plays good and sounds good then who cares.

Some easy songs that you can pick up quick are:

1 Louie Louie - The Kingsmen

2 Johnny be good - Chuck Berry

3 most B.B. King

Can tell what I prefer to play

Also here is a wicked awesome site with tons of practice lessons

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learn pawnshop by sublime, do it now.

and in japan there are gonna be a lot of companies that don't import to the US so theres a pretty good chance no one here will know of it. not saying this is the case, but it totally could be.
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I'm very familiar with Sublime on Guitar. I'd stay away from songs like greatest hits as it seems a bit complicated. Look into songs like Badfish. Their slower songs generally have easy bass tabs. If you like their bass styles you should eventually look into more Ska/Reggae music.
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First off, drummers make great bass players. Welcome to the other side of the rhythm section!

There are higher end Maisson's made in Europe, but what I suspect you have found is the Korean company that licensed the name for entry level instruments. I've only seen one of their Gibson SG knockoffs, but for starter basses they are good instruments.
Thanks for all the welcomes guys!!
Mastered my first song tonight, flake by jack Johnson. I know it's not difficult but it showed me basics of moving up and down strings. Very exciting!
Re-Arranged by Limp Bizkit is a cool song on bass, kinda difficult if you're starting out, but once you get the main riff down it's easy. Or Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes is a popular one
Cool stuff, btw if you're ever back in the states, they sell like a $40 first act electric drum pad with head phones. might find one in japan too, just so you can do a little of both. Keep thumping!