I need a bassist, or a drummer, or just about any instrument from Austin that plays anything weird from Lightning Bolt, Animal Collective, Trip Hop, Dub, Psych Folk, Math rock, Psychedelic Rock, Outsider Rock, "Skramz", Chillwave, Dance, Noise I don't KNOW! I want a variety.

We reallyyyyyy need a bassist, or a drummer, but another electronics/synth/samples guy would be sweet as well.

The only problem is, we are about 17 years old, so we are a bit young.

If you would be interested AT ALL in jamming one day, please let me know. I live in the Lake Travis area, and so most of these kids out here arent to into "weird music".

We are also really awkward, shy nice guys, I think.
So I mean, I don't know.

Thanks in advance!
Im planning on moving to austin sometime soon and im also into alot of alternative/trip hop/experimental/ambient type of music..maybe we could get together....only thing is. Im 23... but I can play any instrument and I sing as well.