I am looking at an add for a guitar described as an american deluxe strat... the body has been re-painted and the bridge pickup changed for a duncan.
The problem is the guy says the serial is N3128052 which would make it a 93'...didn't the american deluxe not come out until 98'?

The price is only $300
photos please.
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He's changed the tuners, nut and bridge too.

Get better pics - from here you can't tell if it's American or Mexican.
giving the serial wouldn't that make it an american? at $300 would that be a good price even with the bad repaint job?
It looks to be an early 90s American Strat, obviously not a Deluxe though. You will never find a Deluxe for $300; he's just doing some classic Craigslist false advertising. Could be a Mexi Strat, but I doubt it. Serial number, headstock logo, and nut all check out. $300 is a good price if it isn't in too bad of shape, but it looks like it has maybe seen better days. Only way to tell is to check it out.
The Wilkinson nut pretty much confirms it. Very few guitars were ever made for those and it's not an easy thing to fit to a regular neck either. In fact the oldest Fender Deluxe guitars are the only ones I've ever heard of having them before. The American Deluxe series didn't start until 97 or 98 liek you said, but before that there were various other upgarded American models, like Ultra and Plus. Those stopped being made when the Deluxe models came in, effectively they're the same thing. So maybe it's actually one of those but the seller is calling it a Deluxe for the sake of making describing it easier.

For $300 it's a good deal in terms of the raw parts. Who knows if it was refinished well or if it's still in decent playing condition. If I were you I'd buy it assuming it's going to be a wreck that you can break down and sell as parts for profit. That way if it does turn out to be in good condition then keep it, you've won; if it does turn out to be worse for wear then you can sell the neck on as planned and strip the body and sell that too and make a little money.