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This is a new song I've been working on with my band, tell me what you think! It has a key shift from Phrygian Dominant to Phrygian at the chorus, which I personally think sounds pretty appropriate.

The song is not complete yet, there's another riff I need to work in.
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this is just too repetitive for me and isn't that original but has a cool intro after bar 9 which just goes on for too long. awesome song and fits right in with the genre, but maybe you're staying between the lines too much?
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As I was listening on guitarpro I was also thinking that riff went on too long with the same thing for the first 36 bars. However when you put vocals over it that should help. Just noticed it's a little strange how the 2nd guitar and the bass are just playing just the open string and resting when the other guitar plays the higher notes. It's a good riff anyway though. Riff from bar 37 is nice and fits in well, although again it's repeated quite a lot. When I was listening to the part from bar 69 I was thinking you should do something different with the second guitar, but then you did
A like the solo a lot, it's good how you have a section with 16th notes and a section with triplets, keeps it varied and interesting.

In conclusion a good song. Things which could be improved- riffs are probably repeated too many times (but otherwise the structure is good and flows well) and you could perhaps make better use of 2 guitars by having them play different things creating nice harmonies etc.